Putting you into your misery

    HOG|House of Grief RULES OF CONDUCT

General Rules


1. WHINING, BITCHING and COMPLAINING will not be tolerated. If you're frustrated or pissed off, keep it to yourself. Repeatedly calling out "camper," "cheater," "hack," "lag kill," "this maps sucks," "get off the roof," "this server sucks," "you fucking noob," etc*., is non-productive and annoying. If you think there's a genuine problem that's actually effecting everyone's enjoyment of the game, wait for the auto-penalties to kick in or tell an admin and then leave it alone. If there is no admin or if the admin does not react to your satisfaction, tough shit. Post a complaint on our forum if you must. Otherwise, go away or stay and live with it.

Penalty: Warning > Warning > Mute


2. RACISM, BIGOTRY and ANTI-SEMITISM will not be tolerated. You ignorant fuck. This also applies to player names.

Penalty: Warning > Mute, Kick or Ban


3. SHOW RESPECT to all players at all times. This is an online, multiplayer game. Expect to meet people of all stripes and ages. Expect that they may be pretending to be somebody else like, say, a soldier of fortune. Preconceived notions or opinions of children trying to act like adults and adults acting like children are entirely pointless. Treat people as if they have a real life that you know nothing about. If you're an asshole in real life and treat strangers like shit, fuck off. Be tolerant and patient with noobs and appreciate the players that are better than you.

Penalty: Warning > Warning > Mute, Strike, Kick and/or Ban


4. CHEATING will not be tolerated.

Penalty: Ban


*NOTE: Roofing and spawn killing are acceptable practices on HOG servers because players smart enough to take advantage of shitty map design should be allowed to do so. If you spawn beside or near your flag, expect to be shot. If you don't understand how a 3 second "spawn halo" works and how to use it effectively, that's your problem. If you truly suspect someone of cheating, record a demo or take a snap shot that captures them in the act of cheating and send it to us (or punkbuster, for that matter). It you don't know how to do that, too bad. Shut up. We'll figure it out soon enough.


Member Rules


1. FOLLOW HOG General Rules of Conduct on our server(s) and, more importantly, when visiting other servers. Represent. Be known by your skills and sportsmanship, not your ability to get into text-based pissing matches, or by your ability to pad stats by playing cheap. If you feel you're being treated unfairly, use the proper channels (forums, pms, etc.).

Penalty: Warning > Warning > The Boot


2. RESOLVE CONFLICTS with maturity and tact, not by calling on the wrath of the clan to bail you out of a pissing match. Conflicts that cannot be resolved should taken up with a Boss HOG or other server's admin, preferably in private.

Penalty: Warning > Warning > The Boot


3. DO NOT SPEAK for the clan unless authorized to do so. Don't accept scrim invites unless authorized to do so. Don't invite scrims unless authorized to do so. Do not recruit new players unless authorized to do so. If you're not sure if you're authorized or not, you're not.

Penalty: Warning > Demotion or The Boot


Administrator / Ref Rules


1. FOLLOW THE RULES (General and Member Rules) and lead by example. Be tolerant of people acting like shitheads, give ample warning. Mute/dummy/bait only as necessary. Kick only as a last resort (use the non-compliace penalties above for reference). Banning should be cleared with Boss HOG first. Admin privileges are a responsibility, not a power trip. Do not abuse. Do not threaten. Either Administer like Solomon or give it up.

Penalty: Warning > Stripped of Admin/Ref


2. ALLOW VOTING in most situations. If 60%+ of players want a map change or time extension but you don't, too bad. Let the vote pass. That's why it's enabled. Do not call votes as an active Admin as doing so will automatically pass/fail the vote (like an Admin Action). HOG Members are protected from kick votes. Cancel other kick votes at your intelligent discretion.

Penalty: Warning > Cuff Upside the Head > Stripped of Admin/Ref



That is all for now. Dangerous Bob reserves the right to change these rules at anytime without warning and kick/boot/ban whoever he feels like whenever he feels like it, especially if he's drunk and/or not getting laid. M'kay?